Fees info.


Sr. No.ParticularAmount
1Admission Fee(One time)200.00
2Tuition Fee(per semester)1200.00
3Certificate Charges (One time)100.00
4Insurance(Every year)200.00
5Institutional Security(Refundable)(one time)1000.00
6Identity card fund (one time)50.00
Training & Placement fund(One time)
7Student Welfare fund(per semester)350.00
8Development fund(Building fund, sports and culture activities fund)(per semester)250.00
10Water and Electricity fund(per semester)250.00
11Medical Fund(per semester)100.00
12Internal Examination fund(per semester)100.00
13Computer Education fund(for 1st and 2nd semester)600.00(per sem)
14Corpus fund for student welfare (per year)(to be deposited in the Directorate through Insitute)20.00
Total For Boys =4620.00
For Girls:- 4620.00-1200.00 =3420.00


Sr. No.ParticularAmount
1Admission Fee(One time)200.00
2Certificate Charges (One time)100.00
3Insurance(Every year)200.00
4Institutional Security (Refundable)(one time)1000.00
5Identity card fund (one time)50.00
6Training & Placement fund(One time)100.00
7Institutional Development fund (per semester)6500.00
8Computer Education fund(for 1st and 2nd semester)(Per Sem.)650.00
9Water and Electricity fund(per semester)20.00
Total For Boys8820.00
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